Quality Policy

At Shivansh Enterprise, success hinges on quality. Our rigorous quality control team conducts pre-inspection tests at every stage, ensuring excellence in process, inputs, and final products. Drawing from our rich experience, we prioritize customer service, quality, and cost-effective solutions to deliver enduring Brass precision turned components globally. Stringent quality standards are upheld from raw material acquisition through manufacturing to packing for dispatch, encompassing inspection and testing at each crucial step of the process.

Throughout the production process, inspections are conducted at each step. Random samplings ensure quality and consistency. Batch numbering and logos aid in systematic management. Our fully equipped laboratory verifies material chemical composition, physical properties, strength, and texture to ensure quality. Continuous efforts are made to enhance our processes and product quality. Maintaining high standards is possible through our dedicated team and robust infrastructure.

Prioritizing the delivery of quality products, we conduct rigorous quality tests overseen by our Quality Control Executives. Our Brass Products undergo thorough testing at multiple stages of production, ensuring high quality from manufacturing to final packaging. Emphasizing quality remains our top priority.